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Bat Mitzvah & Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth Rental in Buffalo NY

In Hebrew tradition, when a girl turns 12 she has the rights and obligations of an adult. This occasion is commemorated with a Bat Mitzvah which means “daughter of the commandment”. Boys on the other hand celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs “son of the commandment” when they turn 13 and from this, they will both take their places in society.

Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs are important milestones in your life. This is why commemorating your entrance to adulthood and becoming members of the Jewish society should be memorialized.

Both of these ceremonies are steeped in tradition and meaning. However, they are also celebrated with friends and families through parties. If you’re having a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah soon, we have some cool ideas you can consider.

Cool Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebration Ideas

Choose A Theme For Your Bar & Bat Mitzvah In Buffalo NY

Themes make celebrations more cohesive and make decoration easier. While both bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah are already themes, you can personalize your celebration further by choosing something that’s special or personal to make this important day more fun and meaningful.

For example, bar mitzvahs can be sports themed, movie themed or video-game themed. Bat mitzvahs on the other hand can be Disney themed, band themed or animal-themed. These examples can make the celebration even more special and fun.

What’s great about our photo booths, is that you can also incorporate this theme into your bar or bat mitzvah photo booth printed strips and graphics, along with the child’s name and date of your event.

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Memory Wall

A memory wall is another great way to celebrate this special milestone. This is basically a wall with pictures of you growing up and celebrating other milestones in your life. You can put up your baby pictures, photos with grandparents, 1st day at school or photos with mom and dad.

Renting a photo booth? Then you can also ask friends and family to post their photo booth pictures of you with them on your wall and leave dedications or words of advice and greetings. You can then hang the wall on your room so that you can remember your special day forever.

We also have an upgraded Photo Booth Memory Book option if you’d rather keep your printed strips in a book.

Wish Bowl

Becoming an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities, which is why words of encouragement are always welcome. Have your friends and family write words of encouragement or wishes for you and place them on wish bowls.

Reach inside your wish bowl whenever you feel down. This is a good way to keep your spirits up and to de-stress when the world gets too noisy.

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Social Photo Booth

What’s Included in a Photo Booth Rental for Bar Mitzvahs

  • Set Up & Tear Down Services by an Attendant
  • Dedicated Photo Booth Assistant
  • Fully Stocked Prop Box
  • Customizable Branding
  • Unlimited Photo Shoots
  • Printed Photo Strips (according to package)
  • Backgrounds for Canopy-Free Booths
  • Plenty of Upgrade Options for Your Best Experience

Book a Photo Booth Rental Mitzvah Buffalo NY Today

A bar and bat mitzvah is an important day for you and your family. Renting a photo booth is a good way to celebrate your heritage and to memorialize this coming-of-age day.

While finding the right way to balance tradition and fun can be tricky, you can’t go wrong with pictures and this is where a Buffalo bar or bat mitzvah photo booth comes in. Kids celebrating these events are considered as adults by Jewish society but they’re still basically children and having a fun and easy way of capturing these moments via a Buffalo NY photo booth ensures that you will have a keepsake that lasts a really long time.

Book a bar or bat mitzvah photo booth in Buffalo NY to celebrate this important milestone.

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Types of Corporate Photo Booths To Rent In the Buffalo NY Area

Perhaps one of the best ways to commemorate the event is to rent a Buffalo NY photo booth for your bar or bat mitzvah. This is also a great way to encourage guests to take pictures which you can then compile in a photo album. It’s also so much more fun for guests when they can create their own fun and experiences at your event too. We offer four different photo booth products:

Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

A popular option is the Premium Mirror Photo Booth. It’s a selfie photo booth where guests can take full-length photos of themselves or with a group. This package comes with 55” two-way mirror and 60” custom frame design that’s shareable through social media so that guests can share and save it!

Social Photo Booth

Social Photo Booth

For the Social Photo Booth option, guests can have fun in an open-air or enclosed booth and create fun photos and GIFs that they can share with friends. This is a great option if you want to watch friends and family create beautiful memories for keepsakes and for sharing.



The Standard Photo Booth package is an economical solution that will allow you to document your special day. Guests can take pictures all night long. You have the option of choosing from our many backgrounds with the aid of our touchscreen. This booth is available to rent hourly and comes with props to make the session more fun. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to snap extra photos and create an engaging experience for guests, this is it!



Finally, make guests feel like celebrities with the Red Carpet Photoshoot package. It comes with an actual red carpet with velvet ropes so that guests feel like VIPs. This once in a lifetime experience comes with a professional photographer who will take photos as you walk down the carpet. You also have the option of adding a custom memory book or CD that has a record of photos taken that night for the ultimate wedding keepsake.


Explore additional products and accessories to improve your photo taking experience:

7’ x 7’ Open Air Backdrop
7’ x 7’ Open Air Backdrop ​(view designs)
Custom Photo Strip Graphic Design
Custom Photo Strip Graphic Design (one of a kind design)
CD of the Individual Pictures and Picture Strips
CD of the Individual Pictures and Picture Strips
4x6 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
4×6 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
​(view designs)
5x7 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
5×7 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
(view designs)
6x9 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
6×9 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
(view designs)
6x12 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
6×12 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
(view designs)
Large Box of Crazy Fun Props for Print Station
Large Box of Crazy Fun Props for Print Station
(view gallery)
Paper Stock Picture Frame per 100 Pieces
Paper Stock Picture Frame per 100 Pieces