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Reunion Party Photo Booth in Buffalo NY

Photo booths aren’t just for weddings or birthdays. School reunions, family reunions and other reunion parties need a photo booth. This is not only to commemorate these special occasions but also to make the event more fun and entertaining.

Imagine your old aunts and uncles queueing and posing for pictures inside a photo booth while holding up funny props. Why not jump in with old school buddies and do your wackiest pose?Rent a photo booth for high school reunion or a photo booth for college reunion to document all the fun memories of the event.

High School Reunion Photo Booth

Capture your moment reuniting with long lost old friends in a fun-filled photo booth. Make new memories together as you pose for pictures inside our personalized photo booth for your reunion party.

High School reunions are an ideal occasion for a photo booth because many guests who haven’t not seen each other for years will feel like kids again and want to be silly together. With goofy signs, silly hats, oversized glasses and many other props, all the former students will have a blast together and it will feel like old times again!

Plus, these are great photos to share on the high school social media pages and in the high school alumni newsletter.

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Family Reunion Photo Booth

Family reunions don’t happen too often, so these events should be documented and celebrated with a photo booth rental in Buffalo NY. Who has the energy to take photos with every relative and friend? Luckily, a photo booth can do this for you and you’ll get multiple people in the photo at once.

Not only is it a great way to bond with relatives, it’s also a happy memory to cherish even after the party. We never know how much time we are blessed to have with each other and it could be Grandma’s last big event. So take advantage of this special moment together by snatching as many fun memories and photographs as possible with all the relatives you love and cherish.

All the photos from your photo booth sessions can be easily put into a physical memory book as a family heirloom passed down for generations. In addition to that, with many of our photo booth packages, digital copies can be sent to participants and posted to social media to share with each other.

College Reunion Photo Booth

Getting alumni together for a celebration of your beloved alma mater? A college or university reunion party is the perfect opportunity to rent a photo booth and capture the coming together of old college buddies.

Time may have passed and friends may have grown up, but the college memories live on in their minds. So when everyone is all together again, you can be sure they’ll want to get silly and have fun. A photo booth makes this happen with crazy props and group photos.

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What’s Included in a Photo Booth Rental for Reunion Party?

  • Dedicated photo booth attendant during the duration of the rental period.
  • Set-up and tear down by our attendant and crew.
  • High quality unlimited photo printing.
  • Social media kiosk for digital sharing (depends on package).
  • Option to create Video GIF or photo strip (depends on package).
  • Big box of props.
  • Customized graphics and branding.

Book A Buffalo NY Reunion Party Photo Booth

Ignite fun and create a happy vibe with a reunion photo booth. Friends and families have the tendency to drift apart which is why reunions are always sweet and a great venue to create new memories together. Rent a Buffalo NY reunion party photo booth for family reunions and school reunions to entertain guests, make new memories and to make your reunion parties more special.
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Types of Reunion Photo Booths To Rent In the Buffalo NY Area

Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

A popular option is the Premium Mirror Photo Booth. It’s a selfie photo booth where guests can take full-length photos of themselves or with a group. This package comes with 55” two-way mirror and 60” custom frame design that’s shareable through social media so that guests can share and save it!

Social Photo Booth

Social Photo Booth

For the Social Photo Booth option, guests can have fun in an open-air or enclosed booth and create fun photos and GIFs that they can share with friends. This is a great option if you want to watch friends and family create beautiful memories for keepsakes and for sharing.



The Standard Photo Booth package is an economical solution that will allow you to document your special day. Guests can take pictures all night long. You have the option of choosing from our many backgrounds with the aid of our touchscreen. This booth is available to rent hourly and comes with props to make the session more fun. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to snap extra photos and create an engaging experience for guests, this is it!



Finally, make guests feel like celebrities with the Red Carpet Photoshoot package. It comes with an actual red carpet with velvet ropes so that guests feel like VIPs. This once in a lifetime experience comes with a professional photographer who will take photos as you walk down the carpet. You also have the option of adding a custom memory book or CD that has a record of photos taken that night for the ultimate wedding keepsake.


Explore additional products and accessories to improve your photo taking experience:

7’ x 7’ Open Air Backdrop
7’ x 7’ Open Air Backdrop ​(view designs)
Custom Photo Strip Graphic Design
Custom Photo Strip Graphic Design (one of a kind design)
CD of the Individual Pictures and Picture Strips
CD of the Individual Pictures and Picture Strips
4x6 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
4×6 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
​(view designs)
5x7 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
5×7 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
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6x9 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
6×9 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
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6x12 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
6×12 Unlimited Onsite Photo Strip Print Outs
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Large Box of Crazy Fun Props for Print Station
Large Box of Crazy Fun Props for Print Station
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Paper Stock Picture Frame per 100 Pieces
Paper Stock Picture Frame per 100 Pieces