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Photo Booth Rental for Birthday Party in Buffalo, NY

Birthdays are an important milestone in life. Whether it’s a first birthday party or the 80th, photographs can help preserve these moments in life so that they can be remembered. Hiring a photographer is an expensive way to document and preserve a memory. Mobile phones are more affordable but they are far less professional and you also need to entertain guests so might miss lots of precious moments during the party.

What’s the perfect solution for this? It’s renting a birthday party photo booth.

Guest Friendly

Not all guests are tech savvy and some might find photo booths to be intimidating. Fortunately, photo booths are very simple to operate. Just choose some accessories and you’re ready for your close up. Photo booth birthday party in Buffalo NY has a dedicated photo booth attendant present at all times so that they can assist with the picture taking experience.

The best part is that photo booths aren’t just for young people anymore. Thanks to improvements in technology like touchscreens and wireless remote, photo booths are now simpler to operate.

photo booth for birthday party
birthday party photo booth

What’s Included in a Photo Booth for Birthday Party

While photo booths will never replace professional photographers, relying on them alone can have major downsides. In a birthday party for example, there will be many guests and a lone photographer will have a hard time covering everybody. Not to mention that the photographs will only be from his perspective.

A Buffalo birthday party photo booth is different because it offers guests a degree of creativity. It captures the relaxed, funny and spontaneous moments of the party. This means that a photographer can go about capturing the highlights without worrying about the other candid moments of the party.

No Pressure

Birthday parties should be relaxing and fun. However, there is a pressure for some guests to look their best, especially for the photographer. Photo booths on the other hand are more relaxed and since they’re just there, there is no pressure for guests to pose right away or to look their best.

Photo booths encourage people to be spontaneous, so it’s available to your guests at their convenience. This makes guests more at ease since they know that they can get their pictures taken any time and at their terms.

photo booth rental for birthday party
photo booth in birthday party


One of the best things about renting a birthday party photo booth in Buffalo is that they are customizable so that they can match your party’s theme. You can make a 1st birthday party or a 50th wedding party your own just by adding personalized touches to the booth.

Buffalo Photo Booth Rentals lets your guests have fun posing in front of a customized background. Aside from matching your party’s theme you can also add the name of the celebrator and choose a photo strip that’s to your liking. It’s all easy to set up so you can create a design for a bar/bat mitzvah, sweet 16, 21st birthday party and many more.


In the old days only celebrities were able to afford photo booths for their birthdays. Time has changed and now everybody can have a birthday photo booth experience. You can choose a package that’s within your budget. Get the VIP treatment with the Mirror Photo Booth package or opt for the Standard Photo Booth for affordable fun.

Photo booth rentals are very affordable. Aside from different packages, the length of rental also factors into the price of the booth. With customizable options and different packages, photo booths are within your budget.

Affordable photo booth rentals
birthday party photo booth

What’s Included in a Birthday Party Photo Booth?

  • Set Up & Tear Down Services by an Attendant
  • Dedicated Photo Booth Assistant
  • Fully Stocked Prop Box
  • Customizable Branding
  • Unlimited Photo Shoots
  • Printed Photo Strips (according to package)
  • Backgrounds for Canopy-Free Booths
  • Plenty of Upgrade Options for Your Best Experience

Rent a Birthday Booth Today to Secure Your Date

No matter what kind of birthday you’re hosting, renting a Buffalo birthday photo booth is a good way to build hype, add to fun and document the happy event. It’s a great way to ensure that your guests don’t only join in the entertainment but also to make sure that they have a memento from the event that is personalized and that they will keep for a long time.

But don’t wait to book your date because our photo booths rent out far in advance. Click here to review our photo booth products and rent one today!

Red Carpet Photo Shoot

Our Photo Booth in Birthday Parties

Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

A popular option is the Premium Mirror Photo Booth. It’s a selfie photo booth where guests can take full-length photos of themselves or with a group. This package comes with 55” two-way mirror and 60” custom frame design that’s shareable through social media so that guests can share and save it!

Social Photo Booth

Social Photo Booth

For the Social Photo Booth option, guests can have fun in an open-air or enclosed booth and create fun photos and GIFs that they can share with friends. This is a great option if you want to watch friends and family create beautiful memories for keepsakes and for sharing.



The Standard Photo Booth package is an economical solution that will allow you to document your special day. Guests can take pictures all night long. You have the option of choosing from our many backgrounds with the aid of our touchscreen. This booth is available to rent hourly and comes with props to make the session more fun. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to snap extra photos and create an engaging experience for guests, this is it!



Finally, make guests feel like celebrities with the Red Carpet Photoshoot package. It comes with an actual red carpet with velvet ropes so that guests feel like VIPs. This once in a lifetime experience comes with a professional photographer who will take photos as you walk down the carpet. You also have the option of adding a custom memory book or CD that has a record of photos taken that night for the ultimate wedding keepsake.


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