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Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings in Buffalo NY


Renting a photo booth for a wedding has become popular for some very good reasons. Not only is it an excellent way to get guests out of their seats and engaging with each other, it’s also the most fun souvenir and momentum you and your guests can walk away with. Who doesn’t love a silly photo with friends, including props, signs and more? Not to mention the fact that photo booths contain cutting edge photography equipment that ensures every photo is of the highest quality. There are tons of great reasons to treat you and your guests to a Buffalo wedding photo booth.

Why Rent a Wedding Photo Booth?

Here are just a few wonderful reasons to make a photo booth part of your special wedding day.

Photo Booth Prints As Wedding Favors

Weddings are happy events full of fun, laughter and love. Traditionally, the happy couple gives a small token for guests to take home so that they can remember this special day. What better way to remember the happy and fun experience than photographs as keepsakes?

In many weddings, tokens and keepsakes are usually labeled with names of the happy couple. It can be anything from key chains to a bottle of wine. However, these personalized mementos are about the couple and not the guests. A photo booth is different because, although we do customize your photo strip prints with your name and wedding date , the photos are of the guests which make them more meaningful and special to each of them individually.

wedding photo booth rental buffalo
wedding photo booth rental buffalo ny

Photo Booth Provide Extra Wedding Entertainment

The DJ and band are usually enough to keep guests entertained during a wedding. But what about guests who don’t like to dance? This is where a Buffalo wedding photo booth comes in handy.

Having a photo booth at your wedding allows guests to explore another venue of entertainment. Guests can hit the dance floor and then cool off at the bar. Afterwards they can head down the photo booth for some fun and laughter. This is a great way to keep them entertained and make them stay longer.

More Opportunities To Socialize with Wedding Guests

Photo booths are fun and exciting. Gone are the days of boring photo booths found in malls and amusement parks. Modern photo booths allow guests to explore their funny sides using an array of frame designs, wigs, hash tags and other accessories. Guests are also able to share their photos on social media or via a private gallery so that commemorating the special day is easier.
buffalo wedding photo booth rental
photo booth rentals for weddings in buffalo ny

Relax & Have Fun at Your Wedding

Weddings are traditionally a structured event where guests are supposed to follow the coordinator in order to preserve the solemnity of the rites. The good news is that the reception is usually a platform for the happy couple to relax and have fun with their guests and photo boots can do just that.

What better way to commemorate the special day with the couple than personal photos with them in a wedding booth in Buffalo? It’s a great way to record and celebrate a milestone that you will keep forever.

Affordable Wedding Photo Booth Rental Buffalo

Buffalo wedding photo booths are an affordable way to celebrate and commemorate the big day. It’s impossible for the wedding photographer to document all your guests’ experience but a photo booth will be able to do all of this without renting an extra pair of hands.

Buffalo Photo Booth has different kinds of booths for a wide array of budgets. You can opt for the red carpet experience and feel like a VIP or go for the standard photo booth that’s full of affordable fun. There is also a selfie print station so that guests can print their photos from their phone.

Their photo booths are customizable so you can choose and personalize the type of booth you want. Depending on the product you choose you can customize the photo print strips, background and add your names to make the booth truly your own.

Affordable photo booth rentals

Photo Booths for Weddings in Buffalo

Buffalo Photo Booth Rentals has different packages that’s perfect for any budget or event. All booths are customizable to suit your wedding theme.
Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

A popular option is the Premium Mirror Photo Booth. It’s a selfie photo booth where guests can take full-length photos of themselves or with a group. This package comes with 55” two-way mirror and 60” custom frame design that’s shareable through social media so that guests can share and save it!
Social Photo Booth

Social Photo Booth

For the Social Photo Booth option, guests can have fun in an open-air or enclosed booth and create fun photos and GIFs that they can share with friends. This is a great option if you want to watch friends and family create beautiful memories for keepsakes and for sharing.


The Standard Photo Booth package is an economical solution that will allow you to document your special day. Guests can take pictures all night long. You have the option of choosing from our many backgrounds with the aid of our touchscreen. This booth is available to rent hourly and comes with props to make the session more fun. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to snap extra photos and create an engaging experience for guests, this is it!


Finally, make guests feel like celebrities with the Red Carpet Photoshoot package. It comes with an actual red carpet with velvet ropes so that guests feel like VIPs. This once in a lifetime experience comes with a professional photographer who will take photos as you walk down the carpet. You also have the option of adding a custom memory book or CD that has a record of photos taken that night for the ultimate wedding keepsake.


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CD of the Individual Pictures and Picture Strips
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